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Get in the Swing - Lindy Hop & Charleston (copyrighted logo)























Get in the Swing - Lindy Hop & Charleston (copyrighted logo)








 Get in the Swing Links

UK Swing Dance Sites

circle03_darkblue.gif 52nd Street Jump  Lindy Hop Classes in Lincolnshire & London

circle03_darkblue.gif All Jazzed Up  Swing Dance Classes + Events in & Around Reading

circle03_darkblue.gif Are You Dancing?   "Search For Dances, Classes, Workshops & Other Dance Events"

circle03_darkblue.gif Balboa Bunch    Balboa Classes in The Cheltenham Area

circle03_darkblue.gif Balboatime    Balboa Classes in The Ipswich Area

circle03_darkblue.gif Cambridge Lindy Hoppers    Lindy Hop Classes in Cambridge

circle03_darkblue.gif Cambs & Beds Lindyhop Experience    Lindy Hop & Balboa in Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire

circle03_darkblue.gif Chicken Junction    Lindy Hop Classes in Flixton, Suffolk

circle03_darkblue.gif Cinqueport Lindy Hoppers    Lindy Hop & East Coast Swing In Hastings

circle03_darkblue.gif Edinburgh Swing Dance Society    "The Home Of  Lindy Hop in Scotland"

circle03_darkblue.gif Forest Of Dean Jive & Swing   Lindy Hop & Charleston Classes + Events in Gloucestershire

circle03_darkblue.gif Hoppin' Mad    Lindy Hop Classes in The Bristol Area

circle03_darkblue.gif JazzJiveSwing  Swing Dance Classes in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire & West Midlands

circle03_darkblue.gif Jitterbugjive    "Swing & Lindy Hop Classes & Dances in & Around Bournemouth"

circle03_darkblue.gif Jitterbugs    "London's Premier Lindy Hop & Swing Dance Club"

circle03_darkblue.gif   Swing-Jive, Lindy Hop, Balboa Classes & Events in Suffolk

circle03_darkblue.gif Jive & Swing   Lindy Hop Classes in Gloucester

circle03_darkblue.gif Jive Party    London Based Jive/Swing Dance Club

circle03_darkblue.gif   "Where Jive Meets Swing"

circle03_darkblue.gif Leicester Lindy Hop   Lindy Hop Classes in Leicester

circle03_darkblue.gif Lindy Buzz    Lindy Hop in Milton Keynes

circle03_darkblue.gif Lindy Circle    Lindy Hop & Balboa Classes in London

circle03_darkblue.gif Lindy Fridays    "Friday Night Lindy Hop Swing Dance & Classes in Leeds"

circle03_darkblue.gif London Swing Cats   "Authentic Hollywood Style Lindy Hop & Jitterbug"

circle03_darkblue.gif London Swing Dance Society    "Supports & Promotes Swing Dance Events, Classes & Performances"

circle03_darkblue.gif Lynda Gocher's List    "Contact Dancing Events List For London & The South Coast"

circle03_darkblue.gif Mad About Swing   "Swing Dancing in Plymouth, Devon"

circle03_darkblue.gif Northampton Swing Dance Society    Lindy Hop & Balboa Classes in Northampton

circle03_darkblue.gif Nottingham Swing Dance Society    Lindy Hop Classes in Nottingham

circle03_darkblue.gif Paul's Video Jukebox   Great Music Videos from the 1940's to the 1970's

circle03_darkblue.gif Rod's 1940's Event Calendar   "The First & Largest 1940's Events Calendar On The Internet"

circle03_darkblue.gif Rug-Cutters Lindyhop   Lindy Hop & Shag Classes in The Peterborough, St Neots & Huntingdon Area

circle03_darkblue.gif Strollin' Steve's Music Machine    Rock'n'Roll/Swing DJ, Compare & Event Organiser

circle03_darkblue.gif Swing Bytes   Lindy Hop & Shag in Gloucestershire

circle03_darkblue.gif Swing Dance Company   Jive & Swing in Hampshire & West Sussex

circle03_darkblue.gif Swing Dance MK   Jive & Swing in Milton Keynes

circle03_darkblue.gif Swingland    "Devoted To Swing Music & Dance in London & The UK"

circle03_darkblue.gif Swing Patrol   Lindy Hop & Blues Classes in London

circle03_darkblue.gif Swingsters   Lindy Hop, Balboa & Blues Classes in Bedford, Dunstable & Milton Keynes

circle03_darkblue.gif Surrey Swing Dance Society    Jive & Swing Dance Classes in Farnham & Guildford

circle03_darkblue.gif Sussex Swing    Lindy Hop in & Around Brighton

circle03_darkblue.gif S-Wing-Rave    Monthly Swing Dance Workshops & Tea Dances in Wingrave

circle03_darkblue.gif The Rock n Roll Gig Guide  "The Complete UK Rock'n'Roll Gig Guide"

circle03_darkblue.gif Wolverhampton Lindy Hoppers   Lindy Hop & Shag in Wolverhampton


International Swing Dance Sites

circle03_darkblue.gif 2PlySwing    Joel Ply's Website (USA)

circle03_darkblue.gif 144 Dance Avenue   Bruno & Veronique's Website (France)

circle03_darkblue.gif Dance Quarter    Natalie & Yuval's Website (USA)

circle03_darkblue.gif Frankie Manning   Frankie Manning's Website (USA)

circle03_darkblue.gif Hasse & Marie    Hasse & Marie's Website (Sweden)

circle03_darkblue.gif Herrang Dance Camp    Large Dance Camp In Sweden

circle03_darkblue.gif I-Dance    Great Lindy Hop Video Clips

circle03_darkblue.gif Kevin & Carla    Kevin & Carla's Website (USA)

circle03_darkblue.gif Savoy Style   Lindy Hop History & Dance Shop

circle03_darkblue.gif Steven & Virginie   Steven & Virginie's Website (USA/France)

circle03_darkblue.gif Swing Cat Cie    Cathy & Gilbert's Website (France)

circle03_darkblue.gif Sylvia Sykes   Sylvia Sykes Website (USA)

circle03_darkblue.gif Yeahman    Rob & Diane's Website (USA)


UK Swing Weekenders & Holidays

circle03_darkblue.gif Camp Savoy   Weekend of Lindy Hop Workshops in Guildford

circle03_darkblue.gif Jumpin' At The Woodside   Weekend of Dance Workshops & Live Bands in Gloucester

circle03_darkblue.gif Jump Jive & Boogie   Weekend of Dance Workshops & Live Bands at Warners Hotels

circle03_darkblue.gif Rock Bottoms   Weekend of Jive & Swing in Liverpool & Torquay

circle03_darkblue.gif Twinwood Festival   Weekend of Swing, Jazz & Jive Bands + Dance Workshops near Bedford


 Swing Dance Shoes & Clothing

circle03_darkblue.gif Canama Dance Supplies  Aris Allen & Bleyer Swing Dance Shoes

circle03_darkblue.gif Daddy-O's  Retro 1940's/50's Clothing

circle03_darkblue.gif Dance Shoes Online (DSOL)   Wide Range of Dance Shoes

circle03_darkblue.gif Kingdom Of Dance   Dance Shoes & Clothing

circle03_darkblue.gif Swing Gear   Swing Dance Shoes, CD,s & DVD's

circle03_darkblue.gif Vivien Of Holloway  Retro 1940's/50's Clothing 

circle03_darkblue.gif Wagtails Dancewear  Retro 1950's Rock 'n' Roll Clothing 


Swing, Jazz & Jump Jive Dance Bands

circle03_darkblue.gif Ashby Big Band

circle03_darkblue.gif Blue Harlem

circle03_darkblue.gif Caxton Swing

circle03_darkblue.gif Delapina Swing

circle03_darkblue.gif Ding Dong Daddios

circle03_darkblue.gif Earl Jackson & His Band

circle03_darkblue.gif Gary Wood Jazz Experience

circle03_darkblue.gif Greggi G & His Crazy Gang

circle03_darkblue.gif Hot Tin Roofs

circle03_darkblue.gif Inteli-Gents

circle03_darkblue.gif Jazzberries

circle03_darkblue.gif Jazz Repertory Company

circle03_darkblue.gif Jive Aces

circle03_darkblue.gif Jiveoholics

circle03_darkblue.gif Juke Joint Jump

circle03_darkblue.gif King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys

circle03_darkblue.gif King Size Papas

circle03_darkblue.gif Laura B & The Moonlighters

circle03_darkblue.gif Lil' Miss Hayley

circle03_darkblue.gif Oo-Bop-Sh'Bam

circle03_darkblue.gif Ray Gelato Giants

circle03_darkblue.gif Regular Joes

circle03_darkblue.gif Rosie Val & The Cambridge Jazz Co.

circle03_darkblue.gif Si Cranstoun

circle03_darkblue.gif Swing Commanders


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