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Get in the Swing - Lindy Hop & Charleston (copyrighted logo)




Steeple Swing Out - Royston 

Live Bands that have played for us at Steeple Morden include:

Delapina Swing at Steeple Morden
Delapina Swing
Friday 21st March 2008
Friday 1st August 2008
Wednesday 31st December 2008


Rosie Val & The Cambridge Jazz Company
Rosie Val & The Cambridge
Jazz Company
Friday 6th March 2009
Friday 4th February 2011
Friday 1st June 2012 (RBL Royston)

Blue Plate Special
The Blue Plate Special
Saturday 31st July 2010


Boogie-Woogie Braves
The Boogie Woogie Braves
Friday 6th February 2009
Saturday 22nd August 2009
Saturday 27th November 2010
Friday 22nd April 2011
Friday 6th June 2014
Friday 3rd April 2015


Gary Wood Quartet at Steeple Morden
Gary Wood's Swing Quartet/Quintet
Friday 18th August 2011
Saturday 27th October 2012
Saturday 1st February 2014


The Jive Aces at Steeple Morden
The Jive Aces
Tuesday 23rd December 2008
Tuesday 22ndth December 2009
Tuesday 20th December 2011


Clevor Trevor
Clevor Trevor
Friday 22nd August 2012


Juke Joint Jump at Steeple Morden
Juke Joint Jump
Tuesday 21st December 2010
Tuesday 18th December 2012


The 6ts
The 6T's
Saturday 8th June 2013

Juke Joint Joes
Juke Joint Joe's
Saturday 30th March 2013


The Earl Jackson Trio
The Earl Jackson Trio
Tuesday 17th December 2013


Greggi G and His Crazy Gang
Greggi-G & His Crazy Gang
Friday 18th April 2014
Tuesday 23rd December 2014


The Last Chance Ragtime Band
The Last Chance Ragtime Band
Saturday 13th June 2015



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